Handheld Electronics Case: Tutorial

My heart has been a lot freer when it comes to crafting lately. I thank the Spirit for that. He’s been kind to tweak my view of practicality, frivolity, and what really matters in life.
{read about that here}
So today I want to share with you what I’ve been up to given my new found freedom. 
Handheld Electronics Case: Tutorial
1} 15×5″ outer fabric {I used a printed canvas}
2} 15×5″ lining fabric {I used a linen look-alike}
3} 15×5″ fusible batting
4} thread
5} button
6} pins
7} sewing machine {not pictured}
8} embellished elastic {not pictured}
9} scissors or rotary cutter
10} measuring tape
11} iron {not pictured}
Iron the inner fabric, right side up, to the fusible batting according to batting package instructions.
Next, pin the outer fabric, right side in, on top of the lining fabric.
Sew completely around the perimeter, leaving a space at the top large enough to turn the outer fabric right side out.
{Sewing all the corners closed yields the strongest seam in the end.}
Before inverting the outer fabric, snip off the corners {being careful not to cut through the stitches}.
Then the most exciting part {at least for me}: invert!
Top stitch the area you used to invert closed. {I used a white thread that barely showed in the end.}
Stitch a decorative line across the portion that will be enclosed under the flap, fold the bottom portion up over the top, and pin in place for the right size pouch you’re looking for.
Starting from one side on the bottom, stitch up and all the way around to the other side {without stitching across the bottom side.}
{This isn’t the best picture to show that, but you can see what I’m talking about in the ones below.}
Simply sew on the button to the top flap and tack some pretty elastic on to the middle of the bottom side, and you’re done.
This one, as imperfect as it was {because I’m still learning to sew}, went to my sister Bethany and she keeps her phone in it.
My iPhone, encased in an otter box, also fits inside.
Again, the stitching isn’t the prettiest, but as a newbie seamstress, I was pretty pleased.
Well, ok, you got me. At first I was pretty bummed about the imperfections, but then I reminded myself that I’m still learning, took a few deep breathes, and enjoyed the work in progress.
Happy crafting! Maybe you’ll be able to squeeze in a little extra on this long weekend. I know I will!

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