20 memories at 20 months

{20 things I want to remember about my 20-month-old tiny girl}

1. rolling the soccer ball }{ An activity she gets really excited about, especially when Daniel does it with her.

2. “helping” with the dishes }{ She transfers the dish water from one side of the sink to the other as I’m washing. Sometimes she works so fast that I run out of water before I finish the job!

3. fascinated with water }{ The reason she loves washing dishes so much. Whether it’s bath time, pool time, drink time, or raining, she dives in with full enthusiasm.

4. brushing the bangs from my eyes }{ This melts my heart every time. Sometimes she’ll push back the hair that falls in my face with her chubby toddler hands.

5. high fives }{ Speaking of chubby toddler hands, she readily gives out high fives when asked. But beware, if she gives out one high five, she’ll insist on giving a high five to everyone in the immediate vicinity as well. This delights the fellow shoppers at grocery stores.

6. fist bumps }{ Sometimes these follow a round of high fives. She’s very generous with these as well.

7. kiss kisses }{ The absolute best that she has to offer. It is the sweetest little puckered lips offering, complete with tiny smacking sound that you will ever receive.

8. brushing teeth }{ She’s a big fan. Usually she’ll walk around with the toothbrush for 15 minutes after we’ve scrubbed her tiny teeth. I have a suspicion her love of teeth brushing is encouraged by the water that is involved.

9. waving goodbye and blowing kisses at bedtime }{ Though this doesn’t happen every night, if tired enough, she’ll often wave goodbye and blow kisses as we walk out the door after having tucked her in at night.

10. talking to herself as she’s falling asleep }{ After she’s waved goodbye she’ll babble to herself and her stuffed animals, and her new turtle night light. Sometimes, I sit outside the door and just listen, smile, and pray.

11. blankie }{ Her purple fuzzy is a daily required accessory for any and all activity . . . and inactivity for that matter.

12. “boom” goes the thunder }{ To encourage her to not be afraid of thunderstorms, we taught her to say “boom!” whenever she hears thunder. It’s one of her favorite games.

13. hohoho, hehehe, hohoho, hehehe }{ If you hear her chanting this little phrase it means she’s really excited about something . . . usually food.

14. Curios George, Calliou, Shaun the Sheep }{ Her TV favorites right now.

15. chasing Kayla }{ Poor Kayla. My parent-in-laws’ dog gets quite the workout when Aletheia comes to visit. Her first order of business upon arrival is to grab the baby stroller and start careening around the house after the dog, squealing with joy all along the way. From the look in the dog’s eyes I’m guessing she isn’t as pleased.

16. eager to show off her sweet skills }{ Facial features, baby signs, and new words are all things she loves to show guests, new and old.

17. mesmerized by videos of herself }{ Daniel made videos of her showing off her abilities, and she loves to watch them and mimic her onscreen self.

18. loves coloring }{ She is very curious and creative these days. Coloring, play-doh, and beading necklaces with pom poms, have all been projects we’ve enjoyed lately.

19. dancing }{ read: twirling, twirling until she falls to the ground from dizziness. Andrew Peterson, Exalt, and Owl City are examples of Ali approved twirling music.

20. celebrating }{ Jumping up and down – one foot at a time, clapping, and squealing “yay, yay, yay” is how she expresses ultimate excitement.



  1. So cute and sweet! I love the smile in her eyes. 🙂

  2. It's those smiley eyes that turn away my {all too easily} frustrated spirit when she's gotten in to something "incovenient." She is a delight.

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