18 months young

Happy half birthday to my tiny, Aletheia. She reached the 18 month mark this past Saturday.
Do you ever have those thoughts that start with “When I have money I’ll buy ______”?
Well, I do. Often. This past weekend I filled in the blank with “professional camera” most often. I would love to take high quality photos of my tiny as she grows up. It gets me in a covetous, discontented mood a lot.
Lawn mower, dishwasher, sewing machine, washer/dryer, and fashionable clothes are others items that go in the blank a lot.
The fact is, we borrow someone else’s lawn mower, sewing machine and washer/dryer when we have need, the dishes get washed {albeit slowly}, I’m clothed, and these photos were taken with an iPhone of all things. An iPhone!
Putting a positive spin on my circumstances, though helpful, isn’t a long lasting joy giver though. Only rejoicing in Jesus provides enduring contentment.
The wants I have are pretty shallow and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but they’re things I still struggle with. So I have to constantly run to Jesus and look into His face to be reminded that “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” {Philippians 4:13}.
My prayer is that if I am strengthened by the Spirit to not let the “small” stuff rob me of my contentment then when hardship comes {as they did in the Apostle Paul’s life} that my joy will abide.
{If this is as hard a concept for you as it is for me, I highly recommend this sermon and the sermons following that}
I want to be mesmerized by God’s beauty and creation like Aletheia is.
Mushrooms, ants, leaves, wind – all bring her delight.
She is a little explorer, and I hope to use that interest of hers to teach her about her Creator and Heavenly Father.
She doesn’t look a thing like me, but she’s mine, and I’m falling in love with her more and more every day.
She’s always loved the outdoors, but now that she can “waddle run” she’s able to navigate her way around more which gives her more freedom to enjoy my parent’s back yard.
She doesn’t say much so she’s learning to point at what she wants.
Water fascinates and thrills her. We just got a membership to the YMCA {more on that later}, and she is in love with their pool and outdoor splash pad.
“Please mom, can I jump in?!”
Here’s a pic of her favorite expression of displeasure {which she flashed at me when I told her she wasn’t allowed to jump in the lake} . . . Ha!
Swings have her seal of approval.
Not sure why she likes to show off her bottom teeth so much, but this a regular look as well.
She recently discovered pom, poms at her cousins’ house the other week so I bought her a bag from Hobby Lobby for just pennies and she has hours of fun with them.
Blueberries are another favorite . . . they make for some exciting diaper changes though, oh.my.goodness!
Which in turn make for frequent laundering.
She stands and waits for her blankie to finish washing, fascinated by the ever tumbling of the clothes and distressed by the separation from her purple fuzzy.
My little toddler. 18 months young. And already teaching her mom so much.


  1. Loved this post and the pictures. 🙂 I was reminded that when our Hana Kate was 18 months, we didn't have a nice camera, a dishwasher, or a lawn mower. I don't even think I had a cell phone. I'm afraid I didn't always have contentment either, but that's something I still long for so much more. And I do think she does look like you! 😉 But…Love her look of displeasure, too. :)God teaches us so much through our little ones, doesn't He?

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Keren! It's tough to learn the lessons of contentment as the Spirit teaches me because I want so badly to "keep up" with everyone else in appearances and stuff, but I know that's not from God. This life doesn't last. Pictures, well manicured lawns, fashionable clothing, clean dishes and laundry, and crafts won't last or matter in eternity . . . in fact, they don't carry much weight today. Only Jesus will fulfill my wish list and bless me beyond measure. Woops . . . started preaching at myself again. Sorry about that 😉 I suppose we have a few similar features, but she certainly takes after Charity mostly. When she and I are together everyone always assumes Charity is the mom. ha! He does teach us! It's so awesome that He can use everything and anything He wants to show us Himself. Love Him!

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