Three Years Ago Today . . .

Three ago years today. . .
. . . I am my love were wed.
In those three years we have moved three times, braved three years of medical school, had a kid, mourned the loss of dear relatives, been richly blessed by God’s provision, worked through disagreements, and experienced some incredible, life changing adventures.
It’s an understatement when I say that I am thrilled to have spent these three years with this man.
It’s been hard to be married during medical school, really hard.
But I’m so glad we decided that just because something’s hard doesn’t mean it should be avoided.
Because in the “hard” there has been so much good.
Daniel is to me the most faithful companion I could have ever dreamed of having.
and ridiculously handome
are all accurate descriptions of the man God gave me.
Can’t believe I’ve been blessed to have already spent three years with Daniel. Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful gift.
{photos by Oh Photography}


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Thank ya dear!

  3. Susanna,I think about you often. That began when sweet Aletheia was in my nursery and has continued even though I don't necessarily see her (or you!) each week. I pray for you and Daniel because Drew and I almost walked the married med school route. I had a pretty good glimpse into the challenges and difficulties of that road, and so my heart has always been tender towards you two. So I pray and ask God to be gracious during this time and bind your hearts together despite the long hours and little time together. I am so thankful (and proud) that you two have done the hard work to get to this point. The future is certainly exciting, and the difficult times bind you together in a way that no easy times could. Congrats (late) on your anniversary! I am happy to have found your blog.:o)Chelsea

  4. Thank you so much for the sweet encouragement and prayers! What a treasure those prayers are to me. We love taking Ali to nursery knowing there are such caring and loving women {and men} in there. Thank you for your service to us in that way. I'll have to hear about your almost med school experience some time! Thank you again for praying for us!

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