The Impact One Day Had on the Rest of My Life

I was driving down the on-ramp, speeding up in preparation to join the frenzy of morning highway traffic around 7:06am, shifting from 3rd to 4th to 5th, all the while keeping an eye on the screaming child behind me in the back seat and the careening white Escalade behind her.
I had had another night consisting of no more than 3 hours of sleep and the expectation of a day crammed full of work and activity: nannying, spring cleaning {someone else’s home}, taking care of dinner, and gathering for Shepherding Group {a small group from church} that night.
So when that impatient Escalade nearly took off the rear end of my car {containing my beloved little girl} by zooming out from behind me onto the highway as I was in the middle of merging, I threw up my hand and let out a cry of disgust and anger at his thoughtlessness and rudeness, giving him a stern scowl as he sped off in front.
As I watched him zig zag down the expressway at high speed I began secretly wishing I would find him pulled over somewhere down the road.
“He should get what he deserves”, I thought.
The idea stopped my angry thought rampage dead in its tracks.
The thought hadn’t been prompted out a concern for others safety . . . or his own for that matter.
I merely wanted to the experience vindication for the “inconvenience” he had caused me.
Who am I to decide what someone deserves? 

The fact of the matter is, it hasn’t even been two weeks since I celebrated the wonderful news that I haven’t {and won’t} be given what I deserve.
The celebration I’m referring to is Easter folks.
And what a wonderful celebration it was! 
In the days leading up to Easter Sunday I feasted on a steady diet of music focussing on the resurrection. 
{Risen – my personal favorites are 3 & 4} 
{Resurrection Letters, Vol. IIlove 1, 2, 4, & 5
I highly recommend these CD’s! 
As I replayed the songs over and over I began to celebrate more and more in my heart. 
The reality of the resurrection began to be realized in a new way. 
The impact that one day, that day Jesus came back from the dead, had on the rest of my life started to connect with my current experiences anew. 
You see, I once was lost in darkest night. 
I thought I knew the way. 
The sin {the lies, the self-serving love, the self-promoting attitude, the heart attitudes that were against God} that promised joy and life and led me to the grave. 
I had no hope that God would make a rebel like myself His own. 
I had no hope of that because God is perfect, beautiful, without evil, and exact in justice. And since I have broken the law of God, and since He is exact in justice {Isaiah 45}, my wrongs must be punished.
I deserve death {Romans 6:23}! 
I’m not the only person who has found myself in this position though. The Bible {the book God wrote} says that “all have sinned and come short of the glory {or perfection} of God” {Romans 3:23}. 
And if He hadn’t loved me first, I would still refuse Him {Psalm 14} {Romans 5}. 
Yet, as I ran my hell-bound race {hell is the eternal death God condemns sinners – like me – to}, quite indifferent to the cost of my sin, 
He looked upon my helpless state and led me to the cross. 
And it’s there I beheld God’s love displayed. 
He {Jesus} suffered in my {and your} place. 
At the cross, perfect Jesus {the Father God’s Son, and yet still God Himself} died after having lived a sinless life. 
It was in my place that He died though right?! 
Jesus bore the wrath that God the Father has against sin, that He had reserved for my sin. 
And since the Spirit of God {a separate being, yet God, and also united as one with Jesus and the Father} drew my heart close to understand the meaning of the cross, now all I know is grace. 
Meaning, since I have believed the events I am relaying to you as true and have asked God to give me the gift {something I can’t earn!} Jesus purchased for me at the cross, I no longer stand before God has a sinner. 
Grace – favor I don’t deserve. 
Now I stand before Him as righteous, perfect, without sin because Jesus gave me His life, his perfect, righteous, sinless life.

Now I will live with God forever in heaven. 

And since Jesus came back to life after having died on that cross, His death wasn’t meaningless. 
If He hadn’t been raised from the dead, there would be no proof of the things I am believing in. 
But He did. 

And on Easter I celebrated these things. 
I celebrated the fact that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in me today, bringing new life to my once dying body {Romans 8}. 
I celebrated the fact that I haven’t and won’t be given what I deserve. 
Now I would be His alone 
And live so all might see
The strength to follow His commands 
Could never come from me. 
That power that raised Jesus from the dead is working in me to live without sin. 
I don’t mean to say that I’m perfect because I’m not. 
The difference is that now I am forgiven, and when I mess up I realize it’s wrong and strive to not do it anymore . . . but that striving is made possible by the power I was talking about. 
That power comes from God, because it’s God the Father that raised Jesus from the dead {Galatians 1:1 & Philippians 2:13}. 
So now I pray that my Father would use my ransomed {bought back} life
in any way He chooses. 
And that my song would forever be 
My only boast is Jesus. 
Hallelujah! Jesus is my life. 
I pray that man driving the white Escalade doesn’t get what he deserves. 
I pray he gets Jesus. 
{These are hard things to understand. I’m still learning to see them clearly. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, I would be more than happy to get in contact with you. Just leave a comment saying so below and we’ll get in touch!} 


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