Recipe 4 of 5: Chicken Schawarma and Naan

I recently discovered these recipes via pinterest . . . I’m becoming hooked on that site along with the rest of the general public . . . and I really enjoyed them so much. While living in Columbia my husband and I frequented a Mediterranean restaurant called Tabouli’s. It has to be my favorite restaurant of all time. I love all sorts of ethnic food, but Mediterranean is definitely at the top of my list!
Since these recipes are spelled out, complete with step-by-step photos, over at Budget Bytes I’ll just provide you with the links. This is more of a review of those recipes.
Making the naan was so much fun . . . and easy! It turned out delicious for our meal that night. By the next day or so however, the naan was crumbly and difficult to eat with. Maybe I didn’t store it well, but I think it just doesn’t stay soft and flexible for long.
Yummy! And just like the naan I’d had from local ethnic food marts.
The schawarma wasn’t exactly what I was used to from the meals I’d had at Tabouli’s, but it was still delicious! We served some tabouli salad alongside our sandwich wraps. Such a beautifully colorful and out of the ordinary dish. A delight to make and eat!

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