Recipe 1 of 5: Taco Soup

In my previous post I mentioned I’d be doing a photo purge of all things food related. I’m constantly delaying dinner, often to my husband’s dismay, by snapping photos of this or that dish, thinking, “I’ll post this on my blog someday!” He patiently sits behind his plate shaking his head at my crazy obsession, occasionally throwing in a sarcastic comment or two – “Oh, Susanna, I was under the impression this food was for eating. How silly of me.” I love him! ūüėČ
Then I get busy and the photos get forgotten. Hence the copious amount of food photos taking up space on my patient husband’s computer.
My strategy is to do a 5 day recipe series this week to put some of those pictures to good use.
On the menu for today’s post is Taco Soup, made with homemade taco seasoning.
I actually don’t have a picture of the soup itself, but trust me, it’s good. Some dear woman brought this soup to me right after I had Aletheia, and I ate more than I’d care to admit!
Taco Soup 
(1-1.5) pounds ground beef (I prefer 90% lean)
(2) 28 oz. cans petite diced tomatoes

(2) cans black beans

(2) cans ranch style beans (I use the pinto variety – apparently they come as a blackbean variety too)
(2) cans regular Rotel (you could use the mild if you want)
(2) cans mexican Rotel (this is the one with cilantro and lime)
(1) can yellow or white corn (I used frozen corn and guesstimated the amount by filling up an emptied bean can almost full and then filling the rest with water, since the liquid is important too)
(1) hidden valley ranch seasoning packet
(1) taco seasoning packet (or use 3 Tbsp homemade taco seasoning: recipe below) 
Cumin to taste 
Brown the meat in a large pot. Open your cans and dump everything, including seasonings, in. Heat. Serve with whatever you like with your tacos: cheese, sour cream, chips Рall good options. 
Shopping hint: the Rotel is found with the other canned tomatoes or in the mexican food aisle. 
It’s so easy to make and keeps really well. This recipe makes a huge amount of soup so you may want to halve it if you’re a small family or just freeze the other half. It freezes perfectly! Also beware that this soup can get pretty spicy. You might want to tone it down by adding less taco seasoning if you like things mild. Me, I like to!¬†
Taco Seasoning 
(1) Tbsp chili powder 
(1/4) tsp garlic powder 
(1/4) tsp onion powder 
(1/4) tsp red pepper flakes 
(1/4) tsp oregano 
(1/2) tsp paprika 
(1 1/2) tsp cumin 
(1) tsp salt 
(1) tsp black pepper 
(Cayenne pepper is good in here too!)
I usually make a triple batch and store in a used spice bottle. Much tastier and cheaper than buying the pre-measured packets. 
(Taco Seasoning recipe taken from 

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