Christmas Letter 2011

Dear Friends & Family,
We are thrilled to be sending you our first end-of-the-year family update! Pardon the randomness, rambling, and recklessness with which this letter is composed – it is after all, our first time attempting this. As with every year, so much has happened and changed. We look back with gratitude and look forward in faith at all that taken place and all that is planned for us ahead. In the past year we have received so many “good and perfect gifts from the Father of light in whom there is no variation or shadow due to change” (James 1:17) and we cannot wait to share them with you!


White Coat Ceremony 

In January we started out the year 2011 with our one month old, beautiful daughter, Aletheia. What a blessed companion she has proven to be! That first month we celebrated Daniel receiving his white coat in medical school and had endless fun showing off our little Ali. The poor girl caught the flu and had to stay in the hospital for a few days sadly. Also having the flu ourselves, it was a pretty rough experience, but the kindness of many from our church family at 1st Presbyterian in Columbia ministered to our needs; and with the strength and grace of the Spirit, we were well taken care of. Jesus, Jesus, all Jesus.


Daniel’s brother Matthew
(who also graduated from USC school of medicine)


In the hospital with the flu 😦 
February and March passed with as much normalcy as can be found for a medical student’s family. Tests, tests, projects, and more tests is all I can say – oh, and studying of course! Daniel was blessed to pass each exam with excellence while at the same time being a loving, dedicated, and patient husband and father. Jesus, Jesus, all Jesus.
Daniel had spring break during March, and during that time a friend I had grown up with in MI came to visit with her husband and new baby girl. It was such a treat to see Bethany and Austin Bower and their little girl Bella. Bethany and I were thrilled to finally introduce our husbands and baby girls to each other. It was such a wonderfully refreshing visit!
Our last day at our house in Columbia, SC

Much of the next few months were quite a whirlwind of activity as we adjusted to parenthood, the busiest semester of medical school yet, and a move to Greenville, SC. After having spent two years in Columbia, SC we returned to Greenville for Daniel’s third year of medical school in April. He took his step 1 of boards in June and was blessed with an incredible score just in time to start his first medical rotation in the hospital at the beginning of July. So far he has spent a good chunk of time in psychiatry, neurology, internal medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology. It’s been a crazy time full of late nights, early mornings, busy weekends, lost sleep, gained experience, new baby milestones, awesome family time, and most importantly, more Jesus!

Back in May we celebrated our two-year anniversary with a lot of help from our parents. Mom and Dad Hindman were so generous in sending us to the Biltmore Inn for an incredibly relaxing time while Mom and Dad Segar watched Aletheia so we could have the time to ourselves. It was our first overnight stay away from Aletheia, and it went splendidly! Thank you parents!
On May 30th, we received news that my uncle, Nick Deane, had suddenly passed away. Traveling with my family, we headed to MI for the funeral. Though their sorrow was great, we were blown away at the joy and hope Nick’s family experienced. The fellowship we had while on this trip was unforgettable. This was Daniel and Aletheia’s first trip to my home state, and so they were greeted by a least a hundred new faces between all the family we saw. We miss Nick sorely, but have been overwhelmingly blessed to have seen and heard of his impact on so many individuals in his life and in his passing. We praise Jesus for Nick Deane! We love you Deane family! 
5 Generations!



August brought another visit with a child-hood friend from MI and her two babies. She also brought her sister, so we had a 1:1 ratio of adults to kiddos, and we had a blast catching up and meeting each other’s kids.  Laurie drove all the way from MI to SC in a van without AC (in August folks)! The fellowship was sweet and the babies were sweeter . . . though they all did have their moments. 

Wrapping up our busy summer was my sister, Charity’s wedding. On September 5th, we welcomed Josh Pratt to our crazy family, making it all the crazier. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, Charity having decorated in a fresh natural style. We again enjoyed fellowship with many family members and friends. Thank you for celebrating with us!

Also in September, Daniel took Aletheia and I on our first apple picking trip. It has to be one of my all-time-favorite days in the year 2011. It was gorgeous, refreshing, relaxing, delicious, and oh so memorable.


With only a little over a month left until Aletheia turned one, I started planning her pumpkin themed party in October and had such fun celebrating her first birthday with many friends and family the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My brother Isaac came to visit, and it was such a treat to have him there for my baby’s big day. We had pumpkin treats of all kinds, and the celebration turned out to be such a special time for my family. Only 4 days before her birthday, another grandbaby arrived on the Hindman side, bringing the grand total up to 12 lil’ ones. Aletheia really appreciated Eva Marie’s arriving in time for her birthday.

Thousands of holes to drill!
Throughout the year, God has provided for us in so many ways, but one of the biggest ways He’s done this is through having the opportunity to work for my father-in-law at his home business. It’s been a huge blessing because it’s something I can do while Aletheia naps while at the same time listening to sermons, music, or watching fun movies! And you can’t beat the flexibility and kindness of the employer! Thanks Dad Hindman! Another way God surprised us with His goodness is through the kindness and generosity of a couple in our small group from church. Just a few weeks ago they gave us a car! They had just purchased a new one and wanted to give the other away, and they chose us. It’s something we’ve been praying that God would provide for some time, and we are rejoicing in God’s timing since we couldn’t have afforded to keep it prior to this. Thank you Caleb and Cheryl! Aside from these, there have been many others that have come to our aid in numerous ways as we’ve had need. We are well taken care of and lack nothing. Blessings from Jesus! 
Thousands of needles to place in all the holes
God continues to do huge things in our local body of believes at North Hills Community Church. We celebrated our 20th anniversary on November 20th this year. It was so moving to look around the auditorium as we worshipped together and see so many families that have been used to bless, teach, minister to, and change us over the years! We are spoiled when it comes to church my friends, absolutely spoiled. Jesus, Jesus, all Jesus!
This December will be full of weddings, family gatherings, and parties, but the thing we’re looking forward to most is Daniel’s two week break! It will be so nice to have him around during the day, giving him a chance to catch up on all the lost sleep. 
What a wonderfully happy year with loved ones! What a flood of blessings from our good Heavenly Father. The most memorable gift of the year was the opportunity we had to see so many of you. We love you! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
To view our Christmas card click here
Daniel, Susanna, & Aletheia Hindman

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