Aletheia’s 1-year-old pictures!

My heart is full of ambitions, lofty goals, and wistful imaginations this month. However, my calendar is also full and funds are limited. Hence, those goals will have to keep until another day and my posting on this blog will be scarce during December. For example, I’ve had this idea for advent begging to be made a reality ever since Daniel and I got married, but it has yet to make it into our budget. Maybe I’ll share it in the coming weeks since I’ll have to wait on it another year.
I will however, be publishing a series of posts containing a ton of pictures over the next several days, so keep checking back for more 🙂 Between Aletheia’s 1-year-old pictures, Thanksgiving, her birthday party, and family get-togethers, I have a lot of memories that I want to capture here. Enjoy the show!
new chair I bought for her for Christmas . . . shoooooosh . . . she’ll never know the difference 😉
her hair is finally getting longer!
She’s holding a piece of gravel here . . . kept trying to eat it. Apparently my cooking doesn’t taste as good as this stuff because she was trying to ingest it faster than almost anything I had fed her before 😉
These tiny hands won’t stay tiny for long. They’re still the perfect size for grasping one mommy finger at a time and grabbing a good chunk of blankie for nap times though. Precious features . . .
Love the drool dripping down the chin in this one! 😉
absolute favorite picture of her thus far!
My baby is one!

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