Big Apple Pancake

Though cooking and baking are things I thoroughly enjoy, producing “second helping” worthy food is not my specialty, especially if left to my own without any kind of recipe to follow. For my sister-in-law Trinity however, hardly has a guest ever left her table without a smile and a few extra pounds to be worked off at the gym. And no, her food isn’t overly fattening. It’s just flavorful, cooked to perfection, and simply! You just can’t help but eat a generous portion of whatever she serves.
So you can imagine my excitement when she handed me a collection of her recipes along with an adorable set of porcelain measuring spoons as my wedding gift. (Note to self: outstanding gift idea!) I use that cookbook more than Better Homes and Gardens or Betty Crocker. Thank you Trinity! 
Something my husband and I particularly enjoy is her Big Apple Pancake. Seeing how I still have a lot of apples to use from when I went apple picking a few weeks ago, this breakfast (or dessert!) item may make a few appearances within a short period of time.
Saturday morning breakfast? I think so! Enjoy! 


  1. That cookbook looks awesome! I have been wanting to make something like that as a Christmas present so our family can get rid of all the loose recipes. I STILL call my mom and sisters to get them to read a recipe off to me over the phone. And the apple pancake looks delish!!!

  2. It IS a beautiful cookbook. She created it at if you're interested in a similar style. Yeah, I call home for recipes too, although I'm starting to get quite a few from your blog now too 😉

  3. Thanks! Definitely checking out that website!

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