A Pick-ture Perfect Day

Last Friday I was getting ready to leave my house to visit with a friend and was pleasantly surprised by a welcome shiver as I stepped out onto the porch wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I couldn’t believe it! With the giddiness of a child on Christmas morning I dashed back into the house and yanked my bag of sweaters off the top shelf of the closet. I was ecstatic! Finally, the weather was starting to act like it should in mid-September. I made sure to include Aletheia in the fun and got her a sweater too.
First “sweater day!”
With the weather turning chilly and Daniel having a day off (finally!), we decided to go apple picking! Now, I was really brimming with excitement because, you see, I had never in my life been to an apple orchard. It was something I had been eager to do for some time. So we set out last Saturday for Sky Top Orchard. Before hitting the road we stopped to get some gas and happened to pass by a Whole Foods store. I had just purchased the Living Social deal ($20 of groceries for $10), and Daniel got this brilliant idea to have lunch there. Little did he know, I had never had lunch at a Whole Foods before either . . .
. . . 30 minutes later . . .
Grapes, Chicken samosa, and delicious fresh salad
. . . I finally decided what to order 😀 There were close to a million different options and combinations of the most amazing food I had ever seen served for lunch! I was in love. I could not believe my eyes. I’m so thankful for a patient husband! Along with our lunches and Izzes we got a bag of whole wheat flour and a bag of almonds. Best.Deal.Ever!
Feeding Ali some edamame

We had planned it just right so that Aletheia would be sleeping during the car ride to the orchard, and so that we could just catch up on . . . well, life! It was so refreshing to talk with my (rested) husband after he had been working for 12 long days in a row.
We arrived at the orchard around 1pm. It was still a little chilly (probably not cold enough for a sweater, but I couldn’t resist :), and the air was sweet with the scent of fresh apples. Daniel grabbed a basket for our tasty red treasures while I fed Ali. Then we set out for the trees. I was practically skipping, swinging my pail like a little girl at the end of a school day. I was finally going to experience what I had only read about in childhood novels!
The First Apple 🙂
Daniel let me clammer up the trees first since he knew how important getting the full experience was to me. Alas . . . as I was climbing one tree and trying to hand apples to Daniel (who was holding Ali in a baby carrier on his chest) an apple from the branch I was standing on wrestled loose and bonked Aletheia square on her little baby noggin. Since she had just been stabbed by a pointy branch, she then concluded that apple picking was not her thing, and that she wanted her mommy. I didn’t mind though. I walked with her and grabbed the low hanging apples (making sure to stay out of Daddy’s way in the tree for Ali’s sake) while Daniel scaled the heights of the trees and grabbed as many Gala apples as were left to grab.
I got to climb up the trees a few more times for some Jonagolds, but I mostly hung out with baby and snapped “a few” pictures of her. My camera died after about 4 (I forgot to charge it . . . grrr!), so most of these are from using my iPhone. I was surprised at the quality for a picture phone! They’re pretty grainy online, but they look great on our computer.
Daniel also introduced me to apple doughnuts. They were warm and sprinkled with just the right amount of cinnamon sugar. Consequently I craved them for the next several days. We also purchased some apple cider, which is equally as addicting.
And if my day couldn’t get any better, we got to spend the evening with our families. Jonny was playing a soccer game down the road from my in-laws house. So we sat with my family and watched him play and then headed over to Daniel’s parent’s house and chatted the rest of the evening away with them.
It was definitely getting cool in the evening so we tried on the hat Molly Nickerson made for her. So cute! 
She wasn’t a fan 🙂
I have possibly never breathed so many contented sighs in one day. It was beautiful, memorable, meaningful, and special.
As we were going to sleep, the Spirit convicted me to enjoy the Giver through the gifts. So in drifting off to sleep the memories of the day turned into worship and then into peaceful dreams . . .
And the first thing I did with my gorgeous, delicious apples was make Apple Cake. Totally stole this recipe from Mary Beth Johnson’s blog. If you haven’t taken a peak at her blog, you need to! Thanks for the recipe Mary Beth! The cake was awesome . . . in fact, a little too awesome, because I ate way too much. I also diced an apple up and threw it in a salad along withs some almonds, spinach, romaine, and feta. Yum!
Enjoy the beauty God has made and worship Him in the pleasure of it!


  1. I'm so glad you liked the apple cake, Susanna! Just spells Fall all over doesn't it??? Oh and I wish we could afford to shop at Whole Foods 100% of the time because I LOVE it there. What is the Living Social Deal??? I need to sign up whatever it is!

  2. I meant to put a link to that and forgot . . . it's another "daily deal" site. Every day is a new deal. Most of the time they are worthless waxing and laser hair removal deals, but I felt like I hit the jack pot with the Whole Foods one. It's area specific so when you sign up they'll send you deals for where you live. Check it out: http://livingsocial.com

  3. oh yum…that salad looks delish!!! what a fun day! can't wait for the sweater weather to return!!! 🙂

  4. I know right?! I grew up in MI so I'm used to sweater weather lasting a bit longer than it does here. I take every opportunity I can to wear them. Even at times I probably shouldn't because it's still too hot 😉

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