A Tribute to Nick Deane

We spent Memorial Day with our families. Lunch was at my parent’s house where we enjoyed hamburgers and time with Don and Sheila Boyce. After the meal and laughing about memories, Daniel and I headed to Greenville with my little sister Bethany for the Greenville Drive game. Our brother-in-law was singing the national anthem with an ensemble group for the game and so most of Daniel’s family was there. The baby was passed up and down the row so everyone could spend time with her. Aletheia and I were pretty worn out so she and I and Bethany headed back to our house after the 4th inning. After laying Aletheia down for the night, Bethany and I made some incredibly delicious brownies and started to play Gin Rummy.

After putting me in a 50 point deficit, Bethany and I were on round 3 of the game, competing to make it to 500 points first. We were laughing and teasing one another when my Dad called. I figured he wanted to make sure we got home OK. When I picked up for the phone however, his voice was quivering and there was sorrow in his tone. “Has Mom talked to you yet?” he asked. When I told him “no” he told me the cause of his distress. My Uncle Nick had passed away in his sleep earlier that evening. This was a shock! Bethany and I broke down with sobs as we thought of our dear Aunt Timari and cousins, Josh (and wife Kelly and son Joshua), Jared, Jordan, and Moriah.
Uncle Nick was 52 years old and a man dearly loved by hundreds of people. He ministered to the hearts of so many young men as he coached them on and off the football field. He was an vital part of his church body, and loved to serve there. He was one of the most loving, meek, and humble manliest men I have ever met.
I remember he loved popsicles. He would sit and watch sports (most often football) and eat one after another. It usually looked as if he could build a small eiffel tower replica with all the popsicles sticks sitting next to him. I probably ate hundreds of popsicles myself during my pregnancy because I craved them so much. I wish I could sit  next to Uncle Nick and eat popsicles with him.
I remember going on a family vacation with the Deanes to Disney World. I was probably around 14 or 15 years old. During the trip I ended up needing someone to go to the store to pick up some tampons for me. Uncle Nick was the only one going. I was mortally embarrassed to ask him, but I had no choice. He just gave me that big smile under his busy mustache and asked me what size and kind I needed. Even more embarrassed at this question I sheepishly offered the information requested and retreated as quickly as possible. He returned wearing the same kind and knowing smile and handed me a bag with the necessary item. I thanked him and bolted. Thank you for being a gentle and discrete Uncle. I love you Uncle Nick!
There are so many other memories. I loved him so much. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be with his family for the funeral in MI this weekend. Please pray for these dear people as we all learn to see the goodness of God in this difficult experience.


  1. Susanna, What beautiful memories. It has been such a blessing to hear everyone's personal stories about him. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I had a special brother-in-law who passed away in his 40's. I understand your pain. Pat (for Patrick) was everyone's favorite bc he was so loving and cared about everyone. I hope they're making acquaintance in glory!

  3. Just reminiscing this year, precious Susanna. I loved your post back then and still do. I loved your first year Christmas greeting and was glad to hear Alethia liked my very small, simple, but obviously entertaining little prayer box I sent you. Wish I could have seen that. I love you,Aunt Timari

  4. I love you Aunt Timari! She did enjoy the box very much and we hold it as very dear. Thank you! I miss Uncle Nick and reread this not too long ago too. I keep the program from his funeral in my Bible so I see his face every day.

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